problems on vector files

Jinn-Guey Lay jinn at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Mon Mar 23 10:03:14 EST 1992

I imported a DLG optional file, created by ARC/INFO, into GRASS4.0
with  v.import and commands. I did not have any error message
from these commands. However, when I tried to display the resulted 
vector files with d.vect, nothing came out from the screen.

I used v.out.ascii to convert these vector files into ascii format.
The ascii files look just right with all the coordinates for areas 
and lines. I've tried 'v.stats' to show the status of the files and did
not see anything wrong. At last try, I converted one of these vector files
into raster format and found out the resulted raster file is empty.
Now I suspect the problems facing me have something to do with attribute 
values of vector files. I've looked at the 'dig_att' and 'dig_plus' 
directories and could not find any clue, the later directory only
contains of binary file anyway.

Any suggestion on solving these problems will be appreciated.
BTW, the original files I have are standard DLG. I used ARC/INFO 
to convert them into optional DLG. If I can not solve the current 
problems, maybe I'll try use ARC/INFO format as input to GRASS. 

Jinn-Guey Lay

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