problems on vector files

Dave Gerdes dpgerdes at
Mon Mar 23 18:23:30 EST 1992

> Date: Mon, 23 Mar 92 10:03:14 HST
> From: Jinn-Guey Lay  <jinn at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
> To: grassu-list at
> Subject: problems on vector files
> I imported a DLG optional file, created by ARC/INFO, into GRASS4.0
> with  v.import and commands. I did not have any error message
> from these commands. However, when I tried to display the resulted 
> vector files with d.vect, nothing came out from the screen.
> ... 
> Jinn-Guey Lay

Dunno what the real problem is, but you could try running: -r your.file

This will cause it to read through the vectors and force the window
around the data

follow that with:

    g.region vect=your.file
    d.vect your.file


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