ppm driver woes

Michael Shapiro shapiro at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Tue Mar 24 13:12:49 EST 1992

|If you were to do the following:
| % p.select painter=ppm
| % p.map (include a numbered grid for a raster file, scaled to 5inches)
| % ppmtopgm ~/paint.ppm | pgmtops | lpr -P<PostScript printer>  
|                          ^^^^^^^
|                          This would probably be 'pnmtops -noturn' for 
|                          most people, but the folks at my site aren't 
|                          too good at software updates.
|does it cut off the bottom line of the grid?  I tried reporting this
|as a bug once, but I don't know if the PIC was able to reproduce
|what I was reporting.

Yes, you did report this as a bug, and it's on the bug list still. 


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