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Rob Knauerhase rob at
Mon Mar 30 14:36:15 EST 1992

In an E-mail message, Alireza Vali said:
>I would like the following accounts to be placed on the grass mailing list:
>reza at
>pamela at
>amir at
>welch at
>caroline at

I can go ahead and add the names, but can you mail me the realnames for each
account?  Alternately, each person may subscribe himself by sending a mail
message to grassu-request at with the words:

subscribe John Doe

in the subject line (or body of the letter).

I don't mind adding the names, but if people subscribe themselves they are
more aware of what they're getting, and also they are then familiar with the
unsubscribe procedure if they ever want to quit.

Let me know either way; if they plan to subscribe themselves then I don't
need to know their names, else please forward me the names for each account.

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Rob Knauerhase [rob at] Office of Grass Integration,
Construction Engineering Research Labs, US Army Corps of Engineers (USA-CERL)
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