remote file-server read-only installation

Kenn Gardels gardels at
Tue Mar 31 15:02:08 EST 1992

> No, the locks directory must be under GISBASE. the locks directory must
> be rwxrwxrwx. However the GISBASE can be r-xr-x-r-x.
> Michael
We had the same desire - to export GISBASE read-only.  You can make a
symbolic link from locks to somewhere else, and then instruct your
mounters to create that directory mode 777 (if you're not exporting
that directory).  For example, on our systems $GISBASE/locks is
a symlink to /grass/locks.

FYI, $GISBASE/dev is a symlink to /grass/dev, and monitorcap knows
the fifo's under that pathname, so if the exported file system is
mounted at a different mountpoint everything's still happy.  Note that
under Ultrix, fifo's can't be NFS-mounted anyway.

-kenn g

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