Cristina Isabel Seabra [Ambiente] cis at lua.fct.unl.pt
Thu Apr 1 09:06:34 EST 1993

Hello GRASSusers,

I've been trying to read LANDSAT images from an optical disc using i.tape.other but I'm
having some problems.

The image has been read from the magnetic tapes using MGE/ISI2 from Intergraph. Each
spectral band for the scene was converted into TIFF format and cut into a smaller image and
stored into the optical disc.
So in the optical disc there are 7 TM spectral bands saved into seperate files without
headers. I know the image was cut into a smaller part with 1260 lines by 1060 columns.

With the images this way is it possible to read them into GRASS using i.tape.other?

I've used the i.tape.other command to read an image from the optical disc but with little

I created the location and mapset with the x,y coordinates.
When i.tape.other asked for the device name I gave the name of the image file.

tape layout
    0               number of tape files to be skipped
    0               number of records in the remaining files to be skipped
band files
    1               number of bands on the tape
data format    
   _X__             band sequential (BSQ)

   _m__             total number of record in the file 
   _n__             lenght (in bytes) of the longest record on the tape

where m is the total number of rows;
      n is the total number of columns.

I'm using for m the value 1260 and for n the value 1060. Is this correct??

After the process is complete I run r.support.
When I do the d.rast to see the image it is switched.
And when I try to quit GRASS it takes forever and finally it gives an error message.

Am I missing something here and I need help.

Thanks in advance,

Cristina Seabra

cis at fct.unl.pt

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