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Subject: Color problem with hpvue on an HP 720 and grass4.0
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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1993 15:43:40 GMT
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We have an HP 9000/720 (HP-UX 8.07) and I want to run grass 4.0 under
hpvue (version 2).

When using the hpvue environment, I have been able to produce 
less than desirable results using vuewm or mwm.
Under hpvue there is some inconsistency with color usage by hpvue vs. 
how a grass graphics display uses colors.  

If I specify a specific color (say yellow) when I do a d.vect I
can see lines being drawn in the graphics display window but they
are not yellow.  If I click in the grass display window then the lines
switch to the correct colors. However, the rest of the screen goes black
and I can't see any thing else on the monitor.

By the way if I use the resident mwm on an xtermial and log into the HP there
is no problem.  I can see all windows simultaneously and the colors
are correct.

If I start up mwm (under hpvue) I have the same problem as as when I use

Has anyone else had this problem? If so is there any way around the problem?


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