is working?

James A. Farley jim at
Thu Apr 1 10:52:14 EST 1993

>> William W. Hargrove wites 
> GrassHoppers:
>      Has anyone successfully used in 4.1beta successfully yet?  I
> cobbled up a PostScript device under $GISBASE/etc/paint/ps.devices (not
> psdevices, as the g.manual page states) called phaserps like so:
> level: 2
> page width: 8.5
> page height: 11.0
> top margin: 0.25
> bottom margin: 0.25
> left margin: 0.25
> right margin: 0.25
> resolution: 300
>   and I can select it with, no problem.  But when I try to use
>, after answering all of the prompts, when I hit return, I get an
> immediate Segmentation fault.  It does write out the script file, if I
> request that, but only creates a zero-length postscript file.
>   Anyone know anything about this?  It looks like a nice tool.  Anybody
> know an E-mail address forPaul Carlson, USDA, SCS, NHQ-CGIS?
I've had the same problem however when i run in the command line
form using a prepared input file i get ps output to the printer just

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