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In <9303312200.AA07457 at> anne at (Anne Gisiger) writes:


>I have vector layers in the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection that I
>need to use in GRASS. 
>Does anyone know if GRASS can deal with this projection i.e.:
>	- is it possible to create a Lambert Azimuthal location, and
>	- could layers in any of GRASS predefined projections be 
>          transformed into Lambert Azimuthal using v.proj?
>I was told that GRASS used to allow the creation of user-defined ellipsoids?
>If it is still possible it might be a solution to my problem. Do you have
>any ideas about how it is done? 

If all goes well (and this may be a bug IF) you will be able to
use v.proj to convert from one projection to another. You do it
by creating location that have projection info for the location
(ie all maps are ASSUMED to be in the projection of the location
and this is a user reponsibility). The create another location
for the resulting projection and use v.proj to "copy" vector
file from onme location to another projecting as they are copied
using v.proj. g.setproj is used to configure a location for a
given projection.

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