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In <9303311422.AA04530 at> villa at (Ferdinando Villa) writes:

>I failed to mention a couple of things about the binary distribution of
>GRASS 4.0 I uploaded yesterday. Here they follow:

>    1) the tar file has been packed with GNU tar. It can be untarred
>    with ISC tar (old and buggy) but the fifos in /dev will not be
>    extracted unless you use gnutar.

>    2) the shell script grass4.0 has been slightly hacked to get it
>    working with tcsh instead of csh. I recommend tcsh for the much
>    greater ease of use. It is available in executable form by ftp
>    on in /pub/unix/386ix/ics/shells. Email me if you
>    want an email copy.

>Someone reported problems with the Xdriver on a SLIP connection. I am
>trying to compile a new Xdriver. The distribution of X386 which I use
>requires TCP/IP to work, so it is possible that there are delays on
>slow lines since applications connect to the server via TCP sockets.

>Excuse me for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Ferdinando.

>Ferdinando Villa, dr.

>Institute of Ecology                     Direct phone: +39-521-905615
>University of Parma                               FAX: +39-521-905665
>Viale delle Scienze                      e.mail: villa at
>43100 Parma, Italy                               villa at

(2) The shell script for 4.1beta is more intellegent about the
users normal SHELL and will support tcsh (may ksh as well).
Michael Shapiro               shapiro at
U.S. Army CERL                (217) 373-7277
P.O. Box 9005 
Champaign, Ill. 61826-9005

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