r.le programs

Pamela Phillips pamela at voyager.me.utexas.edu
Sun Apr 4 14:58:54 EDT 1993

> Version 2.0 of the r.le programs for calculating measures of landscape
> structure using GRASS has been on the grass/incoming directory in file
> "rle.tar.Z" for a few weekson the GRASS ftp server for a few weeks.
> I have heard that it can be compiled on Sun Sparcs and with some
> modification on an Apollo.
> I have not heard from anyone yet about their experience in using these
> programs.  Are the programs useful?  Have you been able to figure out
> how to use them?  Have you found bugs in using the programs?  Are there
> features missing that you would like to see in future versions?
> I would appreciate any comments that you might have about these programs.
> Please send them directly to me, rather than to the user's list (i.e.,
> don't use the reply command directly).  Thanks.
	We have compiled the r.le program on a Sun Sparc and Apollo 730
	series.  So far, we have not been successful running the r.le.patch
	or r.le.dist.  We get an error stating that there is a memory 
	allocation fault.  The program then aborts.  Does anyone have
	any clues on how to fix this?  Our Sparc has 64MB RAM and the
	Apollo 32MB.

	Thank you for any helpful comments.

	Pamela Phillips
	Center for Space Research
	University of Texas, Austin
	pamela at voyager.me.utexas.edu

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