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Mon Apr 5 17:37:41 EDT 1993

Dear GRASS Users,

We are hard at work on the next issue of
GRASSClippings, building on the excellent January
issue produced by Linda Roush.   We are very pleased
with the many fine articles and columns that people
have submitted for the next issue, and we think you
will be pleased, too.

"We" is

- David Schell, Director of OGF and Editor of

- myself, Lance McKee, working as a part-time
consultant on OGF publishing projects, and working as
acting GRASSClippings Business Manager.

- Dennis Reinhardt, longtime GIS expert, adjunct
professor at Boston University, working part-time on
OGF corporate development and as GRASSClippings
Editorial Advisor.

- Hayes Batten, BU geography student and whirlwind
Editorial Assistant.

This message is just to let you know that we value
your input:

- We are counting on you to let us and the other
readers know what's happening.  We will always have
room for short news items of interest to GRASS users,
and we hope that you will email, fax, or phone these
to us.

We will not be publishing proceedings of the GRASS
User's Conference.   Instead, it is our intention to
publish conference papers as articles in
GRASSClippings.  We want to include as many as
possible.  If you presented a paper, or if you have a
paper that did not appear at the conference, or that
you will be finishing in the near future, and if you
think other GRASS users would be interested in it,
contact us!  The easiest procedure for us and probably
for you is to send an abstract first.  Include
information about the length of the article,
description of graphics, and how to reach you.

Of course, we won't have room for everything.  We will
seek a balance between agency, corporate, and
university contributors and themes; technical, policy,
and management issues; and application categories. And
we will choose the best quality articles.

We will edit manuscripts with assistance from our
agency/university/commercial editorial board.  Board
members currently include Ken Gardels (UCB), Marji
Larson (CERL), Ed Escowitz (USGS), George Rohaley
(SCS), Curtis Woodcock (BU), Quentin Ellis (PCI).

We hope to develop a good backlog of feature articles
so that the variety and quality of GRASSClippings will
continue to improve from one issue to the next.
- Advertise in GRASSClippings! If you have goods or
services that you would like to make known to the
rapidly expanding Open GIS market that is
crystallizing around OGF and GRASSClippings, give me a
call!  We need your support!


Lance McKee
GRASSClippings Business Manager
The Open GRASS Foundation
Center for Remote Sensing
Boston University
725 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA  02215

lmckee at

508-752-0854 (home office phone/fax)
617-353-5642 (OGF phone)
617-353-3200 (OGF fax)

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