pointing devices

Craig Neidig neidig at vinny.cecer.army.mil
Wed Apr 7 09:20:34 EDT 1993

GRASS World --

Do you know how the pointing device (i.e., arrow, +, etc)
is specified by the user and where we can change this, if possible ??

within GRASS is it possible to user-define the pointing
device within various windows (especially the graphics window
in v.digit) or is this grass-code dependent ??

I ask because I don't like the + as a pointing device so much in 4.1, especially
within v.digit (especially to mouse digitize and snap nodes, etc.)  and
prefer the standard up-left pointing arrow (which allows you to get closer
to the node/line/object/point of interest while not obscuring it).

also, within 4.0, I have been getting the up-right arrow as a pointer within
v.digit, which would be ok except that the "hot spot" of the pointer is
not at the very tip of the arrow, but rather a little into the arrow,
which also makes it difficult to accurately judge where to snap nodes,
point, etc. -- is this just a bitmap problem ???

has anybody else noticed this or am I hallucinating -- for all the
digitizing i have done, i never remember this being a problem for me, so
something must have changed....


Craig A. Neidig

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