James A. Farley jim at
Fri Apr 9 10:01:42 EDT 1993

Darrell McCauley writes:
> It's really unfortunate that MOTIF was chosen for this, but last that
> I heard, precompiled binaries were available. I doubt that getting
> rid of MOTIF in XGRASS is possible at this point. I've simply chosen
> to ignore XGRASS/XGEN because of this.
As of March 17 SUN entered into a consortium with a number of other workstation
vendors to develop the "Common Desktop Environment". This groups mission
is to put together a standard API or "dashboard" which will be based on 
Motif and which will ultimately include features from Open Windows and
other vendors GUI's.  Although it may be 9-12 months before users see any 
tangible result from this effort the resulting product should eliminate
or minimize these types of problems and make XGRASS/XGEN available to a
wider audience and reduce the hassle factor of using these tools on SUN 

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