Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Fri Apr 9 04:40:09 EDT 1993

"Michael Hill" (mhill at writes on 9 Apr 93:
>1. The XDRIVER failed to make in Grass4.1beta on our Sparc 2. The problem 
>was the file includes.h which looks for non-existent Xol.h, Xlib.h etc in 
>usr/openwin/include. Our system is standard I think. What is the solution? 

though I haven't looked at the source, I can tell you that Xlib.h
should be in $OPENWINHOME/include/X11 and that $OPENWINHOME/include/Xol
is a directory. If you do not have these, complain to your sys admin
(assuming, of course, that you and the sys admin are not the same).
If you have X11R5 installed, look for something like /usr/include/X11.

>2. Has OPENLOOK been abandoned as a format for XGRASS, or are there plans 
>to enable XGRASS under OPENLOOK in the future? We do not have, nor are we 
>likely to get MOTIF in the near future. I suspect there are many others out 
>there who wonder about this.

It's really unfortunate that MOTIF was chosen for this, but last that
I heard, precompiled binaries were available. I doubt that getting
rid of MOTIF in XGRASS is possible at this point. I've simply chosen
to ignore XGRASS/XGEN because of this.

>Grass4.1beta looks good, but I bet it is even better if one can use XGRASS.

depends. IMO command line interfaces are much more efficient (especially
with more friendly shells, like tcsh, and a moderately fast typing speed). 
Interfaces like XGRASS are good for casual users and for showing off 
things to "management." 

>Michael J Hill

--Darrell McCauley

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