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John Del Ferro johnd at
Mon Apr 12 13:46:05 EDT 1993

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
I am running GRASS4.0 on a CDC4330 workstation running EP/IX
operating system.
1) Several programs don't run and some cause the XDRIVER to crash
as well.  It seems to be (but not sure?) that they are programs
that use the mouse.  However v.digit works fine, and it uses the
     d.dsplay : starts to draw the border then crashes the XDRIVER
     d.zoom   : puts up the menu, but crashes the XDRIVER, on rare
                occasions it actually works, but can't determine
                a pattern for why!   : freezes the input monitor.  Tried the solution
                I saw in the mail: enter "stty sane <newline>"
                and it solved the problem, except that backspace
                is still screwed up.
Others as well, but these are a good starting point!
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