Compiling GRASS4.1beta under Linux

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Apr 14 00:50:27 EDT 1993

Andy Burnett (burnett at writes on 13 Apr 93:

>what changes I made to get GRASS to compile under Linux.  Here they are.

>  These next files all had the same error.
>   The function fprintf() is called with only one argument, instead of

These sound like bugs to me (not just linux-isms) and probably
should be reported as such. 

fprintf("hello") prints nothing (at least on my system). Does it
not work like this on all systems?

It is strange, though, that four files had this same error. 

My pre-beta copy of the r.contour source (line 305 of cont.c) does not
have this error.


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