Problems installing 4.1beta on Convex

Wed Apr 14 05:51:05 EDT 1993

  Hello Grasshopper,

   I am trying to install GRASS 4.1beta on my Convex C3820.

   During GISGEN generation I have found two small problem.

   - Program ./src/libes/gis/gisint.c don't found include
    Now there is a person so kind to tell me exactly sintax
    of this include so that I can manually write into my system ?

  - Compiling ./src/libes/proj/pj_phi2.c appear as erros :
    HUGE_VAL is undefined.
    I suppose about a largest number configurable on a platform,
    but which kind of number integer, real, double precision ?

                           Many Thanks



Bruno Minoja
Cilea (Consorzio Interuniversitario Lombardo Elaborazione Automatica)
Via R.Sanzio 4
Segrate Milano Italia
e_mail : minoja at

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