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Wed Apr 21 06:40:35 EDT 1993

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Beim einloggen macht der Experimental-Server aufmerksam, dass DIR (auch LS -L)
nicht "normal" funktioniert, aber normalerweise muesste LS "noch" arbeiten...
Hatte zumindest am Sonntag keine Probleme.
To the GRASS folks on the MOON... it's indeed tediously to get working with
the LS command only... (may be the Unix guru's do not have such troubles...).
Therefore, a DIR content file w'd be of help as an intermediate help file for
browsing through...!?

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<Doz. Dr. Frank Hoffmann,  M.-A.-Nexoe-Str. 4,   D-01 217  DRESDEN, Germany>
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BITNET:                                                    hoffmann @ dddtu1

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