Erdas to Grass conversion

Anantha Prasad prasad at
Wed Apr 21 17:55:47 EDT 1993

>>>>>I have about 20 erdas version 7.3 files to convert to grass. 10 convert
without difficulty. The rest seem to convert, however, I can't display the
images.  I noticed that when I ran, there were no categories in
the files I was having difficulty with.

Am I doing something wrong, or are the files faulty ?


Doug Youngs
>>>>>>ASI las Cruces

Your question is ambiguous .... if 10 converted allright and if all the erdas files are in 7.3, there must be something wrong with the other 10!!! Check to see if the remaining 10 are indeed in the 7.3 format...also do bstats and llist on the remaining 10 files in erdas and see if the files are OK. Good luck.

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