using tcsh with GRASS ??

Ferdinando Villa villa at
Tue Apr 27 05:22:27 EDT 1993

> Has anyone experienced problems using tcsh for the GRASS interface ??
> Mine seems to dive-bomb, putting me outside the GRASS start-up
> script for some odd reason.
> I can't really elaborate on the problem too much. I am unsure as to
> which flavor of tcsh we have (we may be going to the *REAL* tcsh, as
> our computer jockeys say), and have been unable to track down the
> specifics at this point. I'm doing the usual post first, figure it out
> later sort of thing.
> Any info (or flames) greatly appreciated,
> Jim Gasprich                jimg at
> Center for Remote Sensing and        tel -> (908) 932-9631
>  Spatial Analysis, Rutgers U.        fax -> (908) 932-8644

Are you using GRASS 4.1beta or 4.0? In the first case, support for tcsh
is built in and you should have no problems as long as your tcsh is working
correctly. If you use 4.0 the startup script needs some minor modifications
to work right. I made these modifications, so if you need it you can email

Hope this helps
Ferdinando Villa, dr.

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