using tcsh with GRASS ??

Lars Schylberg larss at
Tue Apr 27 02:57:07 EDT 1993

> Has anyone experienced problems using tcsh for the GRASS interface ??
> Mine seems to dive-bomb, putting me outside the GRASS start-up
> script for some odd reason.

Yes, I have been using the tcsh for the last two years both on both Apollo and
Sun machines.  I have not experienced any problems.  For Grass4.0 I modified 
the startup script $GISBASE/etc/ so that it took care of tcsh as well.
Check what you want it to do.  You might also check that your computer 
jockey have added tcsh to your /etc/shells file.  That could be a reason to
some strange behaviours otherwise.

On Grass4.1beta is the set up to handle tcsh already.  Thanks for that.


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