kriging tool in GRASS?

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Aug 2 16:11:55 EDT 1993

karen Bryant x6541 (kbryant at writes on 2 Aug 93:
>Is there a tool to generate surfaces using kriging?

short answer: no, not yet.

"We're" working on it. First, I need to get the semivariogram
modeling software to a stable state (folks interested in beta
testing can get it from in
pub/mccauley/grass/semivar.tar.Z). I'm considering converting
UVKRIG (found in Math. Geology?) to C and putting a GRASS
wrapper on it. At the same time I'm considering overhauling
some other (ordinary) kriging code that someone has written.

>If so, what is the name of the tool, how does one 
>obtain it, and how does one obtain documentation
>of the tool?

As with the semivariogram modeling software, any complicated
GRASS program that I make available will come with a complete
tutorial (so that you know how each number is calculated).


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