xgrass with Motif 1.2

Jehng-Jung Kao jjkao at ev001.ev.nctu.edu.tw
Sun Aug 8 23:09:48 EDT 1993

I just finished compiling it, but not test it yet.
I will clean up the procedure and send you a copy 
on the next Wed. when I get back my office.  Xgrass, however,
has not been tested on our machine, SUN.

BTW, I have a student who is working on compiling Motif1.2 on
Linux with X11R5, but ...  Would you please instruct us
for how to get Motif1.2 working on Linux?

Actually, we have two more problems for Motif1.2:
  1) how to compile sharelibrary for Motif1.2?
      it is not described in the release note.
  2) when compiling Motif1.2 on SGI/IRIS4.0, we got 
      'makedepend: refill' error message.

If in case you know the solution to the above questions,
your answers will be very much appreciated.

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