Thaddeus Bara tbara at ncdc.noaa.gov
Tue Aug 10 13:54:53 EDT 1993

Having successfully installed (I thought) GRASS 4.1 on a SUN Sparc, and having
success with running GRASS 4.1, I tried to run XGRASS, but failed.  The file
file called xgrass4.1.exe was not in etc, and in fact, nowhere in $GISBASE
directory.  The installation echo had no mention of a failed attempt to create
xgrass4.1.exe, and no mention of xgrass at all. I attempted to recompile 
xgrass but got no where.  If someone could indicate to me how the file
xgrass4.1.exe is created, and perhaps suggest where in the installation
process I messed up, it would be appreciated.

Thaddeus J. Bara
Research Scientist
NOAA/National Climate Data Center
Asheville, NC
tbara at ncdc.noaa.gov

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