Check category by enter utm coordinate

Xin Zhuang zhuang at
Thu Aug 12 13:50:07 EDT 1993

Hi, John:

In the 1st email, you wrote:

>I hope someone can create a program that I can check the catagories of points by entering an input file which consists of utm coordinates. The program may look like:
>d.rast.what output=filename.out

DOes it mean you have all coords for the sampling points?
If yes, you may think about a site file.

In the 2nd email, you wrote:

>I can not create a ground truth map, since I only have over one hundred ground truth sample points spread over my study area. If I have the ground truth map, I will just use it and I don't need to make classification. I think I forgot to tell you that I 
am doing supervised classification for the Landsat MSS digital images. I need to know how good is my classification. I got over one hundred sample points of forest types information from other Company. That's why I need to check each sample point on the c
lassified map then calculate the percent correct.  Thanks for your suggestion.

I still feel you could create a same size layer as 
the classification result layer, in which every 
cells are assigned to "no data" except for sampling 



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