NPS/WQ models with Grass

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>Subject: NPS/WQ models with Grass
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>>Subject: Re: Hydrologic Modeling and GRASS
>>We have integrated Hydrlogic models such as AGNPS, ANSWERS and SWAT (Soil and
>>water Assessment tool, newer version of SWRRB and ROTO models) with GRASS.
>>When I say we (Srinivasan, Chris Rewerts, J.G. Arnold and B.A. Engel),
>>and I am sure you are familier with every one.
>>Further I am looking into to interface several other models including
>>some of EPA models like WASP, QUAL2E, and ARS model EPIC.
>>If you would like to hear more about the different aspects of this integration,
>>let me know.
>I saw the above message a while ago. We are now working on some research
>projects for NPS and WQ with several models you mentioned above, e.g.
>How can we get/order the above grass-integrated?  
>We will appreciate very much for your answers and providing us the related
>Look forward to heading from you.
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