Stefan Jaeger ca4 at
Mon Aug 16 19:09:54 EDT 1993

> Hi!
> I need to convert raster, polygon/line and point data from IDRISI (PC
> Version) to GRASS 4.1 (Linux Version). As the files are really _BIG_ and the
> PC running IDRISI is realley _SLOW_ I need some hints... I'm tired on trying
> everything an getting nothing!
> Tim Themann
I think for raster maps there are two ways.
But be aware that that coversion is not possible with packed IDRISI files

The first way is to produce an ascii raster map and to put a grass-header
in front of the data (or use the cat command) and then run

The second way is to put the (unpacked) binary raster file in the cell 
directory of your mapset and run to give the additional 
information. You will have problems with 2 byte data files, but i think 
there is a module in IDRISI to overcome this.

For the polygon data, the only way I can think of at the moment is to
produce an arc/info ungenerate-file put it in the a directory called arc in 
the current mapset and run to import it. 
Hope this helps. Contact me directyl if yo like, so we can use our mother 

Stefan Jaeger
stefan at  or
ca4 at

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