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Wed Aug 18 17:15:36 EDT 1993

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Here is the latest ESCOM dealer distribution price to be announced 
as from tomorrrow, August 19th...

ESCOM Quattro Tower PC 486 DX/2-66
250 MB disc
Local Bus
2 Floppies (5.25" and 3.5")
Graphic board 1 MB (1024x768)
14" SVGA Color Monitor (MPR II)
incl. DOS-6, W-3.1, WWG, Ami Pro 3.0, Lotus Freelance Graphics

Package price announced:

   3 799,- DM

As a minimal configuration for pcGRASS (linux etc.) w'd it be a good choice
to extend this hardware:
16 MB RAM or more...
340 or 525 MB hard disc additionally...
15" or 17" monitor...
250 MB Streamer and board...

There were suggestions others for pcGRASS/Linux configurations and I am
interested if the latest ESCOM announcement (with extensions described)
could be a well configured pcGRASS platform...???

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