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Found this on the GIS-L list for those interested.
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There is a new anonymous FTP site on Internet for information on the Spatial
Data Transfer Standard (SDTS), FIPS 173:

    sdts.er.usgs.gov          (

After connecting, cd to directory sdts.  Then you have a choice of four

    articles - articles about SDTS (ASCII, Word Perfect, or Postscript)
    datasets - sample SDTS datasets including DLG-3, TIGER, and digital
               orthophoto quarterquadrangle (more to be added in the future)
    software - public domain SDTS support software
    standard - the SDTS standard itself and draft Topological Vector and
               Raster profiles (ASCII, Word Perfect, or Postscript)

README files in most directories provide more information.  The README
file in the sdts directory outlines the entire directory structure.

This new FTP site will replace isdres.er.usgs.gov after a phase-in period.
All files on isdres.er.usgs.gov are also on the new sdts.er.usgs.gov site.

Inquiries regarding this FTP site or the SDTS program at USGS may be sent to
sdts at usgs.gov

                                    Bob Lazar
                                    SDTS Task Force
                                    U.S. Geological Survey
                                    526 National Center
                                    Reston, VA   22092
                                    rlazar at usgs.gov

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