Adding *.man files to online manuals

Fri Aug 20 16:21:06 EDT 1993

Doug Hersh (dhersh at writes on 20 Aug 93:
>How does one add the *.man files recieved with contributed programs
>so that they appear in the g.manual listing, (command) help, and

"SRC" below can be found by running 'gmake4.1' or by looking
at the output of 'more `which gmake4.1`'

cp the man page to SRC/../man/man4, then run 'gmake4.1' in SRC/../man

running 'command help' does not depend on the man page

for the command, you need to create something in 
SRC/../man/help.src and run the appropriate gmake.

For any programmers listening, I've found that the following
target in a Gmakefile works good (so that this is done automatically).


        -cp $(MDIR)/s.semivar
        nroff $(MUTL)/man.version $(MDIR)/.class-header \
           $(MUTL)/man.header $(MDIR)/.class-notice \
           > $(GISBASE)/man/$(MSEC)/s.semivar


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There's probably a cleaner way to do this, but I put this line in
the Gmakefile for contributed programs:

cp doc/catman $(MAN1)/$(PROG)

    MAN1 is defined somewhere in the Gmake process
    PROG is defined in the Gmakefile
    catman is a file created by "nroff -man [manpagefile] > catman"

Since you've already compiled the programs, you could just look in
the OBJ.*/make.rules file to track down the definition of MAN1 and
put a "catman" file for each program there.  Actually, I think
something like MAN3 or MAN4 is probably the "official" place for
contributed programs, but I'm not sure. (why not call them MAN_ALPHA,


Thanks, Darrell.

Note that using my method, you won't get all the version, class-header,
class-notice stuff.


Thanks, Darrell and Bill

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