Hatching/patterning programs

Nancy Greeley ngreeley at hanover-crrel.army.mil
Fri Jan 8 11:41:25 EST 1993

If you run p.map to output maps, there are easy to use options described in 
the user manual which produce black and white patterns on your output.
The defpat option allows you to define a pattern, e.g.

defpat stripe
 color 1 black

would be black stripes...You create the patterns yourself ( and save them for
future use!!)  The name, "stripe" is used in the setpat option.  The 1's
are the "pattern pixels and can be assigned any color."  The 0's
are blanks or holes where the background color will show thru.

Set the background color to white using the setcolor option if you want
black and white maps.  You set the background color for a category by 
using the option setcolor:

setcolor 3 white

This will set category 3 to a background color of white...

The setpat command allows you to chose which category you want to apply
which pattern to, e.g.

setpat 3 stripe 

will output category 3 in the stripe pattern which you defined above. 

Hope this helps.

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