grass for meteo representation

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Fri Jan 8 11:37:17 EST 1993

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>Subject: Re:  grass for meteo representation
>> I picked up the paper titled "introduction to GRASS 4" by J. WESTERVELT and I
>> was wandering the following :
>> Do you, GRASS specialists and users, think that the GRASS package may be
>> efficiently used as a basis (with necessary enhancements) for the
>> representation of meteorological charts ?
>> Meteorological charts combined :
>> 	. isobare lines
>> 	. signs indicating wind, temperature, ...
>> 	. land/sea-lakes limits

Here is another lead... you may want to take a look at a program
available by ftp at in pub/wxmap-1.15BETA.tar.Z

I could be way off base, but perhaps this may be a place to start.
The program does a lot of what you seem to be asking for, and 
perhaps you can confer with the author to see if he is willing to 
describe how you may be able to modify it to your needs.
(NOTE: I do not know the author and I certainly can not speak for him).

from the wxmap helpfile:

This program produces graphical weather maps on an X workstation. If
run from a non-X environment, it can still be used to look up weather
conditions around the country, but the MAP command won't work to draw
the maps.

The maps display the current weather conditions, current being defined
as less than two hours. If the last report from a station was received
more than two hours ago, that report will not be given.

The weather data used is loaded over UIUCnet from a CSO computer. The
database is updated once each hour; surface conditions at :10, and
radar summary information at :45; the date and time of the database
loaded is displayed when wxmap starts up and also appears on the legend
of every map drawn.

This program is under construction. Bug reports and comments should be
directed to Charley Kline at CSO, c-kline at  Enjoy!

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