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Stuart Bradshaw lewis!bradshaw at
Sun Jan 10 19:26:41 EST 1993

> But after trying all the above ideas: I still get:
> Processing line 772
> ERROR: G_calloc: out of memory
> ERROR running
> Has anyone resolved what is really wrong?  Am I not doing something correctly?
> Any and all ideas will be thankfully appreciated, we would really like to be
> able to use! 
> Thanks in advance!
> Susan Stitt
> National Park Service
> Geographic Information Systems Division
> (303) 969-2596
> susan%nps at

To hopefulls!

The last thing I tried was getting a binary version of the program
from CERL. This version does work on our Sun here but the results have been
highly unbelievable. For example, reported the length of a fence line
to be about 31413 meters.  I got about 75000 meters on the same fence line
using d.measure. So, from those who have used, how is the accuracy 
for you ?

Still hoping for

Stuart Bradshaw, Ft. Lewis, WA
lewis!bradshaw at

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