Survey; Info Needed .... Who is doing GIS and Objected-Oriented Databas (fwd)

Mark J. Bailey csmjb at
Mon Jan 11 00:42:35 EST 1993

> Summary: Thesis writer's mind wants/needs to know!  :-)


I am in the process of writing my master's thesis to complete my degree
requirements so that I may (finally) graduate shortly thereafter.  I am 
posting here hoping that some of you might help me in determining just 
how I will approach this task.

I have chosen object-oriented/semantic database technology for my thesis 
emphasis.  In addition, I have targeted the use of this technology in the
well suited (IMHO) field of geographic information systems / image processing /
remote sensing.  I feel the object-oriented paradigm's modelling mechanism
applies quite nicely to the issues and concerns of modelling a GIS system.
Likewise, this has been referred to somewhat (not much) in the literature.
But I have much more ground to cover.  My project goal is to wed the 
Geographical Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) from the good people
at the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (and many,
many others) with Ontologic's ONTOS Object-Oriented Database Management 
System (a successor to VBASE).  ONTOS is a C++ based OODBMS but GRASS's
"modular" (ie, separate executable) design (in the UNIX tradition) should
allow for an interesting blend of C and C++ derived executables.  At least, 
I hope it works out that way!  :-)

At any length, I am in need of surveying the readers of these groups to 
try and locate (to as large a degree as possible) knowledge of other projects
either planned, underway, or completed, that also address the issue(s)
of GIS and OODB.  I remember getting word from someone a while back that 
there was one group working on a mix of GRASS and POSTGRES (another 
OODB system).  I am not aware of other applications of ONTOS and GIS
(esp. ONTOS and GRASS).  If you know of anything along these lines, I would
*very* much like to hear from you (private email reply preferred).  
References to projects, people, and even the literature itself would be
greatly appreciated!  If anyone reading this is already working on ONTOS
and GIS (esp. GRASS) I would like to learn more about the approach(es) you
are taking in particular so as to adjust my approach appropriately.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time.  Any help would be so much 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mark Bailey
csmjb at

P.S.  I welcome any and all feedback (for and against) on this topic too!

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