Configuration Setup

Tue Jan 19 13:32:53 EST 1993

  Hello Grass User,

  On my machine as root user I have installed grass4.0 using this 
  SETUP configuration.

  ARCH = Convex10.0
  GISBASE = /mcae/GRASS/Convex10.0
  UNIX_BIN = /mcae/GRASS/bin
  DEFAULT_LOCATION = spearfish

  This configuration is not good for me because every grass user may write
   own data into the disk /mcae.

  I wish to configure SETUP in a such way so as my users for default write
   data into own home directory.

  Note that into /mcae/ I have the grass demo files and I wish 
   that my users are able to read (read only!) this information.

                            Thank You very much

Bruno Minoja
Cilea (Consorzio InterUniversitario Lombardo Elaborazione Automatica)
Via R. Sanzio 4 
Segrate Milano Italia
E_MAIL : minoja at

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