Configuration Setup

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Jan 19 12:58:51 EST 1993

ask each user to do the following:

   install -d ~/grass/data     # or something appropriate
   cd ~/grass/data		
   foreach location (/mcae/*)
     if (-d $location) then
       mkdir $location
       cd $location
       foreach mapset ($location/*)
         if (-d $mapset) ln -s $mapset
       cd ..

Then, when they run grass, have them put their own directory
name when it asks for a DATABASE (e.g. /home/icil64/joe_user/grass/data).

The set of csh commands given above untested, but I think that you
can get the jist of what's going on. Try it out, package it up in a 
shell script, and have each new grass user run it (maybe you could
even put a hook in to check for the existence of ~/.grassrc
to do this... oh, one is already there. just modify it:

|  if [ ! -f $GISRC ]
|  then
         set_up_stuff_for_icil64.csh # make users use their home dir for data 
|        cat $ETC/gis_intro
|        echo ""
|        echo "Hit RETURN to continue"
|        read ans
|  fi


MINOJA at (MINOJA at writes on 19 Jan 93:
>  Hello Grass User,
>  On my machine as root user I have installed grass4.0 using this 
>  SETUP configuration.
>  ARCH = Convex10.0
>  GISBASE = /mcae/GRASS/Convex10.0
>  UNIX_BIN = /mcae/GRASS/bin
>  DEFAULT_LOCATION = spearfish
>  This configuration is not good for me because every grass user may write
>   own data into the disk /mcae.
>  I wish to configure SETUP in a such way so as my users for default write
>   data into own home directory.
>  Note that into /mcae/ I have the grass demo files and I wish 
>   that my users are able to read (read only!) this information.
>                            Thank You very much
>                                       Bruno
>Bruno Minoja
>Cilea (Consorzio InterUniversitario Lombardo Elaborazione Automatica)
>Via R. Sanzio 4 
>Segrate Milano Italia
>E_MAIL : minoja at

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