Brian Connelly bac at u.washington.edu
Wed Jan 20 20:03:44 EST 1993

I received some dlg-3 files from the Washington State Department of
Natural Resources and I am having trouble importing them.  Two files
were sent to me.  One contained all of the coordinates for the areas
and lines, and the other contained attribute information.  I placed
the coordinate file in $LOCATION/dlg and was able to import it.
However, when I displayed the map and tried using d.what.vect to
inquire about what the areas and lines stood for, GRASS said that
there were no categories or attribute support files.  I actually
used the command v.import so that v.support was run automatically.
Is there something else I should be doing so that the category and
attribute support files are created?

Thank you,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brian Connelly
College of Forest Resources                  phone:  (206) 543-5506
University of Washington  AR-10                FAX:  (206) 685-3091
Seattle, Washington  98195                  e-mail:  bac at hardy.u.washington.edu

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