Last chance to become immortal!

martijn at martijn at
Thu Jan 21 10:03:52 EST 1993


		To all Grass users who have made use of
		THE  GRASS  BEGINNER'S  MANUAL (first draft)

		This is your last chance to get your ideas
		written up in the Grass Beginner's Manual
			and become immortal!

	You have 10 (ten) days to (re-) read the thing, decide
	that it needs some additions/changes, write up your ideas
	and email them to MARTIJN at SCANNER.FRW.UVA.NL (!

	Substantial contributions to the manual will be acknowledged
        by name (monetary contributions are also welcome) in the
	more-or-less final first version of the manual, which will
	be made available through anonymous FTP. 

	If you don't react NOW, you will be forgotten by the end 
	of the millennium....


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