digitizing problems - request for advice

Dan Johnson, 1-(403) 327-4561 JOHNSON at abrsle.agr.ca
Tue Jan 26 17:55:52 EST 1993

Dear Sir/Madam at GRASS HQ:

We are having an unusual problem with GRASS 4.0 and we wonder if it has 
been noticed by other users.  Calibration of the digitizer indicates that
squares on graph paper come out like rectangles, but not always the same
side length, and this only seems to happen below a side of 3 cm on the table!
Dave Satnick in Ellensberg helped us out a bit, and thought that that the
problem must lie with the digitizer (Altek Model AC30, table HS-243, Gentian 
Electronics), and the digitizer people naturally say that the problem lies 
with GRASS.  It may well be the table, but we wonder if there have been 
any similar experiences?

- Anne Smith; Dan Johnson

smitha at abrsle.agr.ca
johnson at abrsle.agr.ca

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