GRASShopper lists and USACERL network outage

Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Wed Jan 27 00:24:18 EST 1993

     For the past week, the USACERL network been cut off from the rest of the
world by a hardware problem.  All posts, incoming and outgoing, from the
GRASShopper lists will have failed until recently.
     Our access now seems to be reinstated, and the lists should now begin
to function normally.  Please resend any messages that you believe did not
make it over the list.
     If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to mail me
at any of the addresses below.  Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience.
                                                brownfld at
Kenneth R. Brownfield                    grass-lists-owner at
Office of GRASS Integration,              grass-ftp-admin at
United States Army Corps of Engineers           (217) 352-6511 ext. 526
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories    (217) 373-7222 <fax>
                                                  (800) USA-CERL <OGI>

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