s.menu fix

Bill Hargrove hnw at mtqgrass.ESD.ORNL.GOV
Wed Jan 27 18:08:28 EST 1993

     Michael Shapiro found a small bug in the new version of s.menu on

I found a minor bug in one of the sites C files. The offending file is:


line 67 reads:

    fprintf(fd,"# (                south %.2lf west %.2lf)\n",

change it to read

    fprintf(fd,"# (                south %s west %s)\n",

Then cd to src/sites/s.menu and run gmake to rebuild the library (Lib)and
reload all the sites modules. Then see if the sites to cell still fails.

     Also, be sure that you have installed the upgrade for libes/gis.
Otherwise, s.menu will compile and run, but won't convert sites to
raster files.  Took Michael and I the better part of a day to figure
this one out.  The new version of s.menu accepts floating point
coordinates instead of just integers.  Much recommended.

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