Raster to sites?

Neel Smith nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu
Thu Jan 28 08:54:00 EST 1993

Is there a reasonable way to convert a binary raster file
(1/0) to a list of sites?

Here's the problem:  I've got a set of archaeological
data for a couple of hundred sites, recorded in an
idiosyncratic rectangular coordinate system.  I need
to get the data into utms or lon/lats.

I have a set of control points adequate to rectify the
odd coordinate system into utms or lon/lats, and thought
of 1) making a binary raster from the sites;  2)  rectifying
that raster into a standard system.  But I don't see how
to recover my 200 or so sites from this raster.

Am I making this harder than it really is?  Please tell
me I'm missing something!

Neel Smith
nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu

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