Getting GRASS

Douglas P. Dotson ddotson at
Thu Jan 28 08:47:54 EST 1993

I have developed a Cave Survey Management System which has been accepted as the standard system
for Cave Management withing the NPS.  The system will generate and will accept several types
of data in GRASS format.  As such, I would like to obtain a copy of GRASS 4.0 to work with.
My problem is that my machine is linked to Internet via a 38K baud modem dialup (long distance
call).  If I send someone a 1/4 inch cartridge (or 2) or a 8mm tape can I get the complete
GRASS 4.0 distribution?  Is GRASS available on CD-ROM?  If not, would their be enough of a 
market to justify such a thing?  I read an article in BYTE Magazine stating that a  drive to
write standard CD-ROMs is now under $8000.

If anyone would like info on the SMAPS Cave Management System, it is available from Speleotechnologies,
P.O. Box 504, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117-0504 or leave a not to me and I will send info.
The system is currently PC based and I in use by NPS, USGS, USFS, BLM.  More GRASS related
support will be added if interest exists.

Doug Dotson
ddotson at

ps. SMAPS is not public domain but is cheap for what it does.

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