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Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Jan 28 13:41:19 EST 1993

Duc Nygen (duc at writes on 28 Jan 93:

>PNT_TO_AREA failed: (30.022011, -95.697998) (Category 502)

you may want to run v.digit (with the grass monitor) and ask
it to show which areas are not closed. (it's under Toolbox; 
"o - Display Open area lines").  If you find an open area,
remember the general location, convert your cats/atts file
to a site list, and run 'd.erase; d.vect file1; d.sites file2'  
If a site lies in this open area, then the PNT_TO_AREA failure
should be expected.

Now, how should you fix this? You might try running
with some snap.  A run with v.spag might not hurt.

>  Is there a fix for this or am I using the tools wrong ?  My input data is
>GRASS vector format <header> A <n-points> <points> A<n-points> <points> etc..
>and an attribute file is created for each polygon (also a label file).

huh? you only need one attribute file and one cat file per binary
vector file. Do you only have one polygon per vector file?

>The import works fine, ie. i can display with d.vect but attaching attribute
>is impossible.
>Any help is appreciated.  Thanx
>duc at

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