lat-lon vector data with

Duc Nygen duc at
Thu Jan 28 08:45:12 EST 1993

Dear grasshoppers:
  I have a question regarding using and then for lat-lon
vector data.  I found that refused to attach category to an area (A) or
polygon, although the point (in lat-lon) is inside the region, however:
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (30.022011, -95.697998) (Category 502)
these message streamed out.
  Is there a fix for this or am I using the tools wrong ?  My input data is
GRASS vector format <header> A <n-points> <points> A<n-points> <points> etc..
and an attribute file is created for each polygon (also a label file).
The import works fine, ie. i can display with d.vect but attaching attribute
is impossible.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanx
duc at

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