RIM troubles

christine c. krueger V358REEU at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu
Thu Jan 28 12:57:36 EST 1993

     I'm having difficulty opening an ascii data file in RIM.  When I
use the Open command with the specified path, the error is 
"You're request cannot be completed. I cannot open the files."
I've created an input file (with .rim extension) and the data file 
(free format) contains the following columns:
identifier 1, identifier 2, x coordinate and y coordinate.

  Also, when I get into RIM I am able to type commands at the RIM prompt,
yet it says "control-C  handling error  -143389608".  Is this a problem?
I'm new to GRASS-- any help is appreciated.

c. krueger
krueger at geog.buffalo.edu

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