Daniel Rodriguez danr at rsgis3.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 28 14:42:22 EST 1993

Dear Grass-users: 
	When converting a raster file to a vector file, does r.poly create the 
category support for the vector file. If not, how do you create one for the vector file. An does r.poly create a label for each polygon and category file. 
 Also is r.poly the best way of converting a raster to vector file. 
Also is there a clipping routine in grass which you can clip a portion of a 
	The Raster file i am converting is 5 megs which consist of the 
Mississippi River from the southern part of Illinois to New Orleans, La. 
I would to convert this file into a ARC/INFO format. I need the attributes for 
each polygon in the coverage. The only way of doing this is to convert the 
raster file into a vector file. 

					thank you,
				    Daniel H. Rodriguez 
				    Texas A&M Unversity 							Forest Science Department 
				College Station, Texas 77843-2135 
					409 845-9425 

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