ARC/INFO versions

Anthony Ayers ayers at
Sun Jan 31 21:04:06 EST 1993

Well, old boy, it looks like you're a bit behind on ARC/INFO versions no
matter what world you are working in.  You have PC-ARC/INFO 3.1 while the
current PC version is 3.4D. I'm not a PC version user so I can't give you
any information on feature differences. I suggest thet you contact the ESRI-UK
office (address below) and ask their advice on upgrading your package.

All of your friends (and most of my friends) are using the workstation version
of ARC/INFO, of which the current release is 6.1, with 6.2 expected in
February. The PC and workstation versions have generally similar functionality,
with the exception of vastly greater processing and storage capability in the
workstation world.

Along with inquiring about an upgrade, ask the ESRI UK office to place your
name on the mailing list for ARC News, a quarterly publication describing
ESRI product developments and user applications around the world. The address
	ESRI-United Kingdom
	L3 Woodford Road
	Watford, Hertfordshire
	Phone: 44-923-219450
	Fax: 44-484-665198

Its really unfortunate that the ARC/INFO world doesn't have a network help
facility like this GRASS address.  Good luck!

Tony Ayers, GIS Coordinator
U.S. National Park Service
Cooperative Park Studies Unit
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011

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