importing sun rasterfiles

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Tue Jun 1 09:33:00 EDT 1993

> I just tried to use and it complained
> " - this rasterfile format not supported"
> My files are
> "      rasterfile, 3074x1938x8 run-length byte encoded image"
> Is it the run length encoding which is the problem?
> If so, is there any way to convert this *without* going
> all the way to ascii (I think my machine might get indegestion!)
> I'm using grass4.0.
> Thanks
> Simon Cox
I don't know how you are generating your Sun raster files, but if you are 
using the screendump command, simply omit the -e flag when you screendump. 
When we have run-length encoded images that we need to convert, we simply 
display them with the screenload command, and then screendump again in the
uncompressed format.

Hope that this is of some help.
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